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Societatea Romana de Etnofarmacologie
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new Program

Between 21-24 June 2024, it will take place at ȘIRNEA
Roundtable on the theme:
From Scientific Research to Quality Natural Products

SRE Roundtable 2024

SRE Roundtable with the theme From Scientific Research to Quality Natural Products , will take place at ȘIRNEA between June 21-24, 2024 during the Sânziene Festival.


The ethnopharmacology is a young science which has deep roots in the history, the culture and the tradition of the nations. Ethnopharmacology was promoted by the French Society of Ethnopharmacology – founded in 1986 at Metz University – France and it took a much larger amplitude through the founding of the European Society of Ethnopharmacology with branches in different European countries. Ethnopharmacology follows the traditional practices but in the same time it is open to scientific innovation (in the field of phyto-medicines) representing a important research path in the use of the efficient medicines developed from the own tradition and culture of the nation.

There is the hypothesis that the most efficient remedies for different illness are found in the places were we are born and were we live.

The ethnopharmacology reunites scientific interests from the fields of nature science (botanic, agronomy, chemistry-bio chemistry, pharmacy, medicine etc.) on one side and on the other side humanistic sciences (ethnology, anthropology, history, linguistics etc.).